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Wednesday, May 4, 2005

Look, I been busy

April is the cruelest month — for Trouble Sells devotees. April 2004? I missed the whole thing. April 2005? Likewise: nothing. What happens during April? I dunno. I been busy.

Fortunately, all the ugly people are always available to pick up some slack. But you don’t come here for the Ugly People Echo Chamber: that’s what the Daily Kos is for. Of course, you don’t come here to hear from me either, at least not during April. I been busy!

Can’t an iconoclastic adventurer, lost in a New York he never made, get a break now and then?

I hope you understand how hard it is to create art on demand. That’s what this is, of course; it is no “blog”. In the last ten years, I believe the only encounter with art in any form that meant anything to me must come from the postcard sent by young girls to their one-night stand, which read “Cheers for bumpin us”, as described in Morvern Callar by Mr Alan Warner. I guess The Gates were good too. Even if Christo doesn’t know what “saffron” looks like. But for the rest of you, the art that has meant the most to you is Trouble Sells, and I appreciate that, especially since that art is my life.

Let me update you on my situation.

Launch of my own personal trendy magazine: Not yet. (See entry of September 16, 2004.)
Soul-killing day job as photographer to the gutter: Soul killed to 68%. (See entry of February 2, 2004.)
Woman I want to spend the rest of my life with: Undiscovered. (Passim.)
Drinks: Drank and/or drunken.

But don’t worry. On all fronts, I been busy.

I know I still owe you the story of New Year’s Eve. I promise to get it out soon. That is my New Year’s resolution. What’s a few months, when you are waiting for art-on-demand? It took Christo twenty-six years to assemble his miscolored lollipop shrouds and he’s proud of it! Can’t a non-non-celebrity fixture of the downtown scene catch a break, while reporting on drinking, women, and drinking and women?

All right. Do nothing till you hear from me.

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