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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Half past Giuliani time

One unexplained omission from this presidential election cycle has been a New York Magazine cover story written by Rudy Giuliani, entitled “I was such a great mayor”.

I lived in New York City during the entirety of the Rudy years, and so from the get-go I knew he would not be president. It seems pretty obvious, but I guess people have to find things out for themselves. He’s a great example of someone who, the more you know, the less you like. Since that is also the case for most of the other presidential contenders, perhaps he thought he could play the odds.

There is still talk about Rudy’s advanced strategy which involves not winning in any early states. The real strategy seems to be that every time he loses a state, he says it wasn’t part of the strategy. Sort of like how he was going to be senator from New York until he found out he couldn’t win, then suddenly he had to drop out because of cancer. It’s a rare form of cancer indeed that makes you ineligible to run for senate but not president. But I still have my clipping from the Post when the news dropped:

Gonad Shocker: Ball Cancer

So, his last stand is in Florida, where he also won’t win. As you might say in an election ad run in Florida, “Rudy está tostada.”

If I had the chance to ask him one debate question, it would be, “What was it that you DID on September 11, exactly?”

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