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Sunday, June 6, 2004

Bill Clinton's not the only one with "My Life"

The fact of the matter is, my life has been pretty interesting lately. But why should I tell you about it?

I’ve lost the thread. Somebody remind me what this was about.

Because one thing I’ve learned is that blogs bore me, even though gentlemen prefer blogs. (That proves what we already knew about me.) I can’t really figure out what they’re good for — blogs, I mean, though gentlemen too.

Of course, there is the cathartic aspect, but that never appealed to me, because nothing makes me feel better. There is the megalomaniacal aspect, which appeals to me sometimes, but sometimes bores me, because I have the same feeling about my ego. There is the practical aspect of promoting yourself apart from any sense of your worthiness, simply as a survival technique. Like, come read my blog and then hire me or sleep with me, because look, I exist, and that isn’t nothing. Well, that seems reasonable and human.

But a blog is not a holy trust. It is not a duty. I have no constituents, and neither, in the final end, does Gawker. People read Gawker to make sure they aren’t being made fun of. But since I hate everyone equally, there’s no real reason to check in here. That’s a great burden from my great shoulders.

I guess I’m really just a song and dance man. I cavort for your amusement, and for the small consideration of posterity — for, as noted today on the Daily Kos, history will be written by the bloggers — and that ought to be sufficient. For you, I mean. I have better things to do.

Anyway, if you’re in town this weekend, you should stop by CBs. My band is playing. Just kidding, you scenester shit.

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